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Hide details for AgentsAgents
PALT7XBNEAAn agent signed by a person with Admin rights, has issues accessing a private view. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
JPIK7VJR7WWhen "Remove object code on save with errors" was checked for agents, and the agent was saved with errors, the original code was still available and...
GFLY7HEMP8When changing an existing agent from shared to private, if the user also modified the access to the agent, a subsquent change of the agent to...
VDES85CG9BDomino server can possibly crash in fail over situation when the replica on the fail over server is unavailable. This regression was introduced in...
HSPR7U2BZLFixed a "random" crash when modifying your own ACL via LotusScript and your worker thread doesn't outrun the garbage collector.
Hide details for APIAPI
CTOO7J3HC4Fixed a problem where a Java Agent would hang when accessing a document that contained a RichTextItem when the MimeConversion property was set to...
AKUR82D2MYFixed a problem embedding previously detached OLE objects. All OLE objects become corrupted.
PCHE7ECS3LSPR# PCHE7ECS3L -Prior to this fix, if a user was specified in the server NAB ACL via a group, and "enforce consistent ACL across replicas" was...
BLIE868PLAFixed the problem where new APIs of STable widget were not spelled correctly and relevant Javadocs were broken
XZWG837969Prior to this fix, the C++ API could not locate more than one file attachment within a rich text container. This situation is now handled...
ADEE7NSPTPFixed a problem where the flag SEC_refreshed_PasswordPolicy 0x00000008 was not included in the C API 8.x reference guide.
XZWG832CP4Fixed a problem where a "Richtext object is invalid" exception occurred when richtext data structure was corrupted.
XZWG836ERSFixed a problem where an "Object has not been initialized" error occurred after deleting an attachment icon from RTF.
JGRN7TWK5QAdded NSFDbGetNoteInfoExt C API to Domino SDK.
JSHO84QB7YThere are two file names in an rtattachment object, one is the file name; one is the display name; change the code to let...
Hide details for ApplicationApplication
MLUO7YU356Fixed a problem in Lotus Symphony where labels were missing from Pie Charts when exporting to pdf.
XYGU7WU9N5Labels are no longer missing after exporting a pie chart into PDF format.
CSMH83UQKYPrior to this fix, Symphony 3 won't open attachments or files directly from Windows explorer.
SODY85JM8WAfter changing name/alias/comment in the in-place editor in the design list, if a user clicks the header of the column that is sortable, the changes...
XLXU8GD4CMResolved issue where Notes crashed if you debugged Symphony Lotusscript code in Domino Designer.
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
SIWA6LSGA7The attachment named Image.xxxx is internally used by DWA for inline image, and such name is restricted in DWA. With this fix, the format is checked...
ESPR7XAKW5File version numbering system has been updated for upload control ActiveX.
DMAS7X7KS2Opening an attachment (instead of 'editing' it) saves modified data to document.
Opening & modifying an attachment and then 'editing' it results in...
NBJC7WU7WYError "The installation of Lotus iNotes 8.5 Control has been blocked or declined by the user" was displayed after choosing to install the ActiveX...
JSSI7YEA2WFixed a problem where the Chinese DBCS name attachment could not be downloaded from iNotes if the server locale was English.
SHEZ84BJPJWhen trying to attach files in a calendar entry, an invalid message "This document already contains a file with the same name" is shown even if a...


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